Overall Rating: 97.50%
Average Rating: 9.75/10
I like the simple designs with the great borders---- one- of- a kind -selection of cards.
Amanda Cambell, Sherbet Paints
These cards are wonderful pieces of art. There is spontaneity in expression and a playful innocence that permeates throughout the collection. I particularly love the vases and bouquets which exhibit such a beautiful range of lively emotion and character. What a gifted artist and what a gift it will make to give these greeting cards for the many and varied occasions and seasons.
joe tabish, sequoia
These are watercolors done by a master.

So beautiful, so touching, so inspiring!

If you want to be remembered, send a Card by Judy!

These cards are almost as delightful as the artist! Beautiful colours, high-quality product, these are 10 out of 10.

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